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FishMate 10000 UV Pressurised Pond Filter

UV Pond filter, clears algae from ponds up to 3.500 litres. Energy efficient.
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FishMate 10000 UV Pressurised Pond Filter is available to buy in increments of 1

FishMate 10000 Pressurised UV Pond Filter 

This pressurised UV pond filter is barrel shaped with the added advantage of being easily disguised in the ground.

It will take the water up to a waterfall without it having to be above the UV pond filter.

There is self-cleaning process where a pipe is attached to the sludge outlet, then turned to clean, after 7-10 minutes reverse the process to continue running. 

Clears algae from ponds up to 3,500 litres.

It has an integral 9watts ultraviolet light and is recommended that the cleaning process is operated every 7days.

A real bargain at £160.97 including VAT and delivery on mainland UK (rrp £321.94)

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