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What Can Pond Liners Be Used For?

Pond liners are used in many different ways when it comes to water containment, although the most typical uses are as follows:

  • Ornamental Garden Fish Ponds
  • Wildlife Ponds
  • Water Gardens
  • Reservoirs
  • Nature Reserves
  • Duck & Farms Ponds
  • Boating Lakes
  • Swimming Ponds
  • Rainwater Collection
  • Storage Ponds
  • Eco Sewage Systems

We Are A Leading Pond Liner Manufacturer In The UK

As a premium manufacturer of pond liners and distributor of pond pumps and filters, you will note that our prices are among the lowest in the trade. The reason for this is that we supply a vast number of Water Boards, County Councils, Salmon and Trout Fisheries and The Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust with large liners and get numerous recommendations from satisfied customers.

We have no need, therefore, for colour brochures or heavy advertising, cutting down overhead costs tremendously, which means that we are able to supply superior quality pond liners and pond pumps for less. Prices quoted include Vat and carriage on mainland uk, (orders under £30.00, carriage extra). FREE NEXT DAY DELIVERY (if ordered before 1pm).

Distance No Object As We Deliver to Europe and Worldwide

The humble pond liner plays a massive environmental roll, in addition to increasing the value of your property. The water benefits a wide variety of species from insect larvae, amphibians (including the frog) to the birds and animals that come to drink. By including a fish pond in your garden you will be helping the local wildlife in many ways.

One of the best reasons to have one is the calming influence they can have when sitting by the pond on a warm summers evening complete with a cool drink can be close to heavenly.

Also suppliers of, at keen prices, pond pumps, pond filterspond underlay, pond vacuums, pond heaters, pond nets, pond lights, all at vastly reduced prices.

In addition to garden ponds, here at Fawcetts Liners, we supply pond equipment and supplies to Local Authorities, Schools, Water Boards, Fisheries. Our pond liners are also used to construct boating lakes, duck ponds, wildlife ponds, farm ponds, swimming ponds, rainwater collection and storage ponds and reservoirs. They are also used for lining recycling tanks in eco sewage systems.

Our Current Range Of High-Quality Pond Liners

Pond Liner Number 8

Pond Liner No.8 - PVC Laminated

This is a flexible but strong long-lasting Black pond liner. It has a matt finish and is also available in dark green.

The Pond Liner Num 8 is a strong tough laminated PVC pond liner. We sell this with a 30 year guarantee against sunlight and frost damage.

It is easy to lay as it is flexible with an attractive matt finish and can be laid either with or without underlay depending on the ground conditions.

Competitively priced at £3.25 per square metre including VAT and UK delivery.

Delivery in 1-2 days for standard sizes.

Other sizes made to order.

Pond Liner Number 9

Pond Liner No.9 - 3ply Woven Polyethylene

The Pond Liner Numer 9 is a very high-quality pond liner is coated and protected against damage from ultraviolet light in sunshine. 

It has a 40-year guarantee against sunlight and frost damage and is available in black/blue 

This pond liner is suitable for small to medium size ponds and can be laid on a bed of sand, however, if there are stones or concrete or blocks or sleepers an underlay would be advisable.

It is an ideal liner for bog gardens being lightweight yet durable.

Only £2.21 per square metre including VAT and delivery on mainland UK

Pond Liner Number 10

Pond Liner No.10 PVC Polyester Reinforced 

This very popular is so strong there is no need for underlay on ordinary garden soil or clay, as the polyester reinforcement prevents root damage.

It has a high ultraviolet protection rating (45 years against sunlight and frost), the polyester reinforcement prevents root penetration.

The Pond Liner No10 is not to be confused with unsupported PVC liners.

No 10 pond liner is used in reservoirs, wildlife reserves, boating lakes, safari parks, as well as garden ponds.

Colours available black, dark green, dark blue, light blue, light grey, white, red, translucent.

Please contact us if you require other colours.

The price of the Number 10 pond liner is just £5.19 per sq-metre with a 45 Year Guarantee. 

Pond Liner Number 11

Pond Liner No.11 Is 3 Ply Woven Polyethylene 

No.11 pond liner is made of 3-ply woven polyethylene and is sold with a 25-year guarantee against sunlight and frost available in a mid-green/sand.

This pond liner can be laid on normal soil or sand and is ideal for small to medium garden and wildlife ponds.

Number 11 pond liner is very reasonably priced at just  £1.90 per sq-metre.

Please note we are the manufacturers and are able to supply non-standard sizes in addition to those listed.

For a personised quotation, samples or further information please, or call 01772 612125 or email sales@fawcettsliners.co.uk.

FREE next-day delivery on mainland UK on all purchases over £30.00