Tips for pond and installing pond liners

It's advisable to site your pond away from trees; if this is unavoidable we strongly advise a pond net in the autumn to avoid the leaves polluting the pond. This will help to avoid fish loss.

With regards to the depth of the pond, no less than 2''6" deep. Less than this in the summer will allow the pond to become overheated and in winter the pond will be liable to ice over too quickly causing insufficient depth for the fish to acclimatise to the cold.

If excavation is very rocky, remove all the stone and line the hole with geotextile underlay and a three inch layer of sand. To put the liner in place, lay it across the hole, putting a  on each corner. Put a hose pipe in the centre of the liner and then run the water in. The weight of the water will then mould the liner to the contours of the pond. Also, we strongly  having plants established in the pond for at least one week before putting fish stock in.

To find the liner size required:

  • (1) Double the maximum depth
  • (2) Double the required overlap and add to no(1)
  • (3) Take this result and add to both the length and width
  • (4) You now have the liner dimensions

You may find it more convenient to use our automatic calculator.

It is best to have a pump and filter to keep the water clear, even in a wildlife pond. If you are keeping fish then it is advisable to pump the whole volume of water every hour. The volume is  (in metres ) as length x width x depth x 1,000 = litres capacity. This then indicates the size of pond pump required and then it is necessary to match the pump with the correct size pond filter.

If you require help please do not hesitate to  us on 01772 612125.